Benefits of Build Block for the Builder and Developers

Labor Cost

  • 2/3 less labor needed
  • Only need 1 qualified foreman on any build
  • Non skilled labor (lower hourly, Caja , hourly cost)
  • Minimum injuries on labor forces
  • No rebar to tie or no rebar with helix
  • No rebar forming for doors and windows header (time and material savings)
  • Wall braces are also scaffold walkway for pour/ construction of forms (no additional scaffolding and ladders needed) ( only one ladder to reach walkway)

Additional Benefits

  • Lower cost for electrical and plumbing (all work done in foam vs concrete) (50 % in time and cost)
  • Time saving on cabinet mounting. System has attachment points (no additional anchors needed) (Saving in time and money)
  • 96 CBS blocks = 1524 kilograms vs Build block ICF 51 kilogram (no heavy equipment needed)

With the demand for product by the consumer Being able to provide your product faster and more, increase profit to the company bottom line.

Offering a green energy efficiency product also allows you to stand alone against other builders. There is an increase in value of your product so no longer competing dollar for dollars. ICF homes sell for at least 10 % more.

In USA and Canada ICF structure benefit from lower workman comp insurance cost. Working with INS in Costa Rica to have similar benefits to lower labor cost.