BuildBlock Video 3

ICF Specialist built a 2200 sq. ft. home in one day with only a 13-man crew. We were able to complete the exterior walls, door, and window frames. The roof and concrete were installed on another day.

Why waste your time and money waiting for your home or building to be built by other builders?

ICF Building Owners appreciate these advantages:
Lower energy costs due to the energy efficiency built in. (Energy Star Certified)
Sound-blocking ability with a STC rating of 51+ – creating a quiet space.
Low maintenance due to mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistance.
Increased security due to steel reinforced concrete walls.
Disaster resistance with a fire rating up to 4-hours and wind resistance exceeding F5 hurricanes and tornadoes.
Cost savings with lower insurance premiums.
Increased comfort and health benefits of improved air quality with 75% less outside air infiltration.

ICF Contractors and Builders Appreciate:
The construction time is decreased needing fewer workers to install, creating fast and easy construction due to the stack-able forms.
There are multiple form options creating flexibility in building designs.
Light weight for easy shipping and delivery.
Is compatible with any carpenter trades with multiple finish options.
Easier to meet higher energy code mandates with ICF construction.