Our Team

The Build Block Costa Rica Team

Here are the members of our magnificent team.

Gerald North

Email: jerry@buildblockcr.com

  +506 8961 4120

President of North ICF Developer, LLC

I bring over 25 years to the construction industry in the utilization of Insulated Concrete Forms. Over the years I have built out of stick frame, cinder block and numerous Insulated Concrete Forms. The construction industry is my passion and I truly believe in offering our clients not only value for their money but also long-term benefits that will give them a safe, clean, energy efficient and disaster resistant home that their family will enjoy for generations to come. Build Block ICF’s offer all that and more.

Phillip Jackson
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Email: phil@buildblockcr.com

  +506 8333 4996

I am a third-generation real estate and property builder-developer. Born in Canada, I have worked in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

I also worked and lived in the USA for many years. Twenty-six years ago I visited Costa Rica and fell in love with the beauty of the people and their country. I have been doing business in Costa Rica ever since I decided to call this country my home, that was 15 years ago! About three years ago I became co-owner of a Costa Rican construction company. One day I was looking at a private car for sale and met Gerald North and when he told me he was the Master Distributor for Build Block ICF in Costa Rica and that was the day I said I was done with traditional building construction methods here. Gerry and I became partners, and the rest is history.

Michelle North
Head of Compliance

Email: michelle@buildblockcr.com

   +1 (541) 944-8912

I worked in the USA for 35 years as a Department Manager for Safeway and Kroger handling bookkeeping. As a manager, I oversaw the scheduling and replenishing supplies, materials and product while adhering to State and Federal safety compliance and audits.

Paola T. Ugalde B.

Email: paola@buildblockcr.com

  +506 7269 1613

Managing daily operations: overseeing the day-to-day functions of the company and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Developing and implementing policies and procedures: creating and enforcing company policies and procedures to ensure that all employees are following best practices.

Hiring and training employees: identifying staffing needs, recruiting candidates, and providing training to ensure that employees have the skills necessary to perform their jobs.

Managing finances: overseeing the company’s finances, including creating budgets, managing cash flow, and ensuring that financial records are accurate.

Negotiating contracts: working with vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to negotiate favorable terms for the company.

Managing relationships with clients and customers: building and maintaining relationships with clients and customers to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

Monitoring industry trends: staying up to date on industry trends and identifying opportunities for the company to stay competitive.

Planning and executing marketing strategies: developing marketing campaigns to promote the company and its products or services.

Analyzing data and making strategic decisions: using data to make informed decisions about the company’s direction and future growth.

Rosa Elena Gomez Mendez – MBA
Accounting Department

Email: rosa@buildblockcr.com

   +506 8918 6332

Private Accountant since 1980. Experience in a wide range of sectors of accounting, such as for hotels, property rentals, all kinds of services, retail stores and agricultural plantations.

Lic. Laura Gabriela Chaverri Gómez
Legal Department

Email: licgchaverri@gmail.com

I’m a Costa Rican lawyer with more than 25 years of experience. I have experience in real estate, private contracts and commercial law. My principal values are honesty and excellence.